About us

We are a Swiss family who fell in love with the beauty of this country. After a long time of planning, organizing and waiting,  our dream finally came true and we moved in to our new home! We visited the Rocky Ridge Resort for the first time in October 2012 and loved it right away!

In April 2016 we finally bought our dream place and since then we’re rebuilding and renovating everything step by step.

It needed a lot of work because no one lived there for the past 10 years.

As a family everything is much easier. Everyone has their talents and strengths so we were able to fix everything on our own!

We are happy to be here and are looking forward to what will happen in the future.

xcvbnmUeli is our all-rounder on the Resort. He is able to fix almost everything on his own! He is the one who prepares all the firewood for the winter, the one who clears the road to the Resort and works with all the machines! All that he learned back in Switzerland, where he owned a farm with his younger brother. He worked on this farm since he was a little boy, he was always outside and surrounded by animals and he still loves it. He’s an outdoorsman and loves to create amazing things with all types of wood. He is our  family clown – always a joke up his sleeve! 

10352032_778038728913353_6698559839381269434_n Carole is the one who found our dream place, the Rocky Ridge Resort. Without her we wouldn’t be here today! She is the one who is always ready with a good meal for the family, always carrying and helping wherever she can. She loves the lakes and mountains and the calm nature here! She is the one greets the guests and shows them the cabins. 




Romano is our second very talented all-rounder. He is the one who did all the electrical stuff – especially the three solar systems! He and Ueli are a super team, if one doesn’t know what to do anymore, the  other will be there with a solution! He worked as a truck-driver back in Switzerland and is now living his big dream of driving huge Canadian trucks. Besides working on the Resort and driving trucks, he loves to fly his model aircrafts or to cruise over the Kitseguecla Lake with his vessel. We are happy to have Romano in our family as Stefanie’s loving husband and amazing son- and brother in law.  



Stefanie is our horse girl. She is the one who works with our horses. She’s lived in the saddle since she was a young girl and loves everything around horses. She did an apprenticeship as a horse-trainer back in Switzerland and is now living her dream with a little herd of own horses. Besides the work with the horses, she is kind of our third all-rounder, she’s an outdoor girl and loves to help wherever she can and bring in her own ideas. Also is she the one who does all the administrative things like homepage, Facebook page, organizes the bookings and advertises the Resort. 


16117913_1217334484982496_1107605668_nAnja is our happy-girl – there’s always a smile on her face! She loves to explore things and is always helping wherever she can! Back in Switzerland she did her apprenticeship as a hairdresser and is now working at a Hairstudio in Smithers.  She has a very open personality and loves to be in good company.  Together with her sister she helps with the administrative things like homepage, Facebook page etc.  She is happy to be here so she can explore many new things, meet new people and have a little adventure in her life.